Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Tea

Green tea. You can drink it, eat it and you can put it on your skin. Anti oxidants are the reason for it's popularity and healing power. 

Green tea contains a powerful anti-oxidant called Epigallo Catechin  (EGCG).  This anti-oxidant fights free radicals, fights the adenovirus (a cold virus), repairs DNA, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, increases metabolism and is anti-inflammatory.  All this makes it a potent anti-aging ingredient as well. It is being used more and more in skin care products.  

It can be taken as a supplement and of course sipped hot or iced!  Recommendations vary on how many cups are most beneficial.  The range is 3-10 cups per day.  Hope you are thirsty!
Have a Beautiful Day!

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