Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These 7 Foods can make you Fat!

There are foods you would think are a healthier snack option, but prevention magazine says otherwise.

Here is the list of Prevention Magazine's 7 "Healthy Foods" That Might Be Making You Fat.

1.  Baked Potato Chips.  
Baked chips have less fat than regular potato chips, but they are high in calories and low in nutrients, and low in fiber.  A better snack is popcorn which has more fiber but 65% fewer calories. Adults who eat popcorn are getting much as two-and-a-half times more whole grains than people who don’t according to a recent study.

2.  Light Ice Cream.  
It can have just as many calories as regular ice cream. For example, an average full-fat ice cream has about 140 calories per serving.  Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche  light ice cream that has with 220 calories per serving.  You can also try dairy-free ice cream made with soy and coconut milk. 

3. Zero-Calorie, Spray-On Margarine.  
Companies are allowed to say zero calories on the label as long as it has less than five calories per serving.  Most likely you are using more that one serving per salad. That bottle that says zero can actually have up to 900 calories. Try  spray-on olive oil instead. It's a healthy monounsaturated fat.
 4.  Fat-Free Salad Dressing.  
It contains a lot of sugar to make it taste good.  A healthy fat helps you absorb the vitamins in your salad. Use regular, non-creamy oil-based salad dressings.

5. 100-Calorie Snack Packs.  
Those 100-calorie packs are okay as long as you only eat one but, a recent study showed that people may eat more because the servings  are in smaller packages.  Prevention.com suggests eating almonds instead.

6. Pretzels.  
Fat-free pretzels are made with refined white flour and they’re stripped of their vitamins and antioxidants.They are high in carbs. A 15-ounce bag of pretzels has the same number of carbs as 24 slices of white bread.  Look for a snack that contains whole grains such as whole grain crackers that are high in fiber and protein.

7. Vitamin Water.  
One bottle of Vitamin Water can have up to 200 calories. Drink regular water instead.

Have a Healthy Day!

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