Saturday, September 10, 2011

Self Tanner Tips

Hold on to your summer glow with self tanning products. They come in many forms: lotions, mousses and sprays. Here are the steps for a juicy tan:
1. Exfoliate your skin well with a dry body brush or a body scrub in the shower. Concentrate on thick skin areas such as the feet, knees and elbows.  Use a facial exfoliant for your face.

2. Apply a light film of moisturizer to your entire body. This will help prevent pores from darkening too much causing them to stand out.

3. Apply an oil or thick moisturizer to feet, knees elbows and other areas of thickened skin so they don't get too dark.

4.Wear gloves to keep your palms from turning too dark during application.

5. Apply self tanner. I love Fake Bake Sunless Airbrush. You spray it on and it leaves a tan color so you can see where the product is on your skin. Now use your gloved hands to smooth out the spray in a circular motions. Be careful where you are while applying your spray tan. The over spray gets everywhere!  I like to spray tan outside or in the shower with the shower curtain closed so I can wash off the shower when I am done.  Spray tanner onto a sponge then apply it to your face.  People with sensitive skin should do a patch test  before application.

6. Avoid contact with water for 4-6 hours.  The initial colorant will wash off but a nice tan will remain.  It will gradually wear off as a real tan does.  Fake Bake is not tested on animals. A 7oz. Airbrush Self Tanning Spray is about $30.00 in salons and at various websites.

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