Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss USA 2013

I couldn't resist. I just had to tune in to the Miss USA pageant! I used to love to watch pageants. My girlfriend and I would have some serious bonding time as judges and fashion critics especially during the evening gown competition. That was always my favorite.....and still is! Now I get to the same with my daughters.

Here are the final six. (I loved the sophisticated gray gown and the sexy, fun black gown!)
I think it is interesting that there were no blondes in the final six. Being a brunette myself, I would always root for the brunettes. I seem to remember their being a lot more blondes back in the day. Anyway..... the final six were beauties. They all had similar hair, what I call Victoria Secret hair in various shades of brown. You know that long sexy curled hair. Their makeup was impeccable. Lots of emphasis on the eyes with long dark lashes and filled in eye brows. Their lips subdued and shiny. Beauties!
I was just hoping for more intelligent answers during that question and answer time!
Here is the winner Miss Connecticut Erin Brady

For some is a link to a photo gallery of past Miss USA winners.
This is even for fun! This is what I remember back in the day sitting on the couch in my parents family room drinking coke and eating potato chips. Check out Miss USA 1980 being crowned. Love It!

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