Monday, August 5, 2013

Q&A: a hairy lip in the sun!

Q. I have some hair on my upper lip and it is really noticeable in the sun on the beach! I'm afraid to wax it! What can I do?

A. Waxing really is a great choice. The hairs are removed from the root and have to grow back so you are clean and shadow free for about two - two and a half weeks. It take about 5 minutes at a salon or spa. Wear a high SPF sunscreen on the freshly waxed area when in the sun. Sometimes that skin can darken from the UV rays.

If you are not ready to try waxing, you have some other options. You can start by bleaching the hair or using a depilatory at home.  Try Jolen Cream Bleach. It will lighten the hair so it is less noticeable. About $6 at CVS.

A depilatory will break the hair off just below the skin line leaving the skin smooth for a few days. Try Sergi Cream Depilatory Extra Gentle for the face. Find it on for $4.99.


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