Friday, December 13, 2013

Help for Breaking Nails

Q. Help my nails are breaking like crazy! What's going on?

A. The cold winter air is what's going on! Nails get dehydrated and brittle in the winter due to lack of humidity in the air both outside and inside our houses. Plus, dragging out the dusty boxes holiday decorations doesn't help!

Protect your hands by wearing warm gloves when you are outside.

Protected your hands from water and cleaning products by wearing waterproof gloves.

Apply hand lotion all day long.

Invest in a humidifier for your house to moisturize the air.

Try the old remedy of petroleum jelly and cotton gloves at night. I heard that Bed, Bath & Beyond has the cotton gloves.

Head to the salon to a hydrating spa manicure and a paraffin dip to moisturize your skin and nails.

You can use a little crazy glue to hold your broken nail together till you can get to the salon for a repair.

To glue your nail:
1. Push the broken piece of nail back in place. 
2. Apply a tiny drop to the broken area.
3. Hold the nail in place till the glue dries.

Make sure the nail is very dry before you apply the glue. You can apply the glue over nail polish but it will need to be filed off to repair it or repolish it.

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