Monday, February 3, 2014

Ingrown Eyelash

ingrown eyelash
An ingrown eyelash can be very painful. The lash grows into the skin instead of growing outward. The technical name is Trichiasis.  The ingrown lash causes a red bump on the lash line. The inflamed  bump can develop a pimple like infection and may feel like there is something in the eye. It can also cause some swelling on the whole eye lid.

It is important to address the problem quickly since an infection around the eye can spread and turn into serious problem. See your eye doctor for treatment. The doctor will free the hair and treat the infection, usually with an antibiotic. 

Permanent removal of the lash may be in order if the lash frequently gets ingrown. This can be done with electrolysis or cryotherapy.  Electrolysis uses an electric current to destroy the hair. Cryotherapy destroys the hair follicle by freezing with liquid nitrogen.

ingrown eyelash
Ease the pain and irritation with a warm wash cloth. Gently hold a clean very warm wash on the area with the ingrown lash. Repeat frequently though out the day.

A wash cloth may also be used to help free an ingrown lash. Gently rub a warm clean wash cloth back and forth over the ingrown lash. The wash cloth will gently exfoliate possibly releasing the ingrown lash. Do not do this if you have the pimple like infection though, because you can spread bacteria to the surrounding areas of your eye. A doctor is definitely in order in there is any infection!

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