Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Colors

There is a rainbow of beautiful colors for spring!
Some are polishes bright, many are soft. All in a variety of finishes.... creams, shimmers, glitters and frosts. 
The pastels are particularly popular. 
Key Lime Twist

Greens: Look for minty green, various shades of bright green and tealy green.
Blues: My favorite! Robin's egg blue, sky blue, aqua blue and blue green.

Quick as a Bunny

Grays: The grays are lighter shades than we saw this winter. Soft light gray and blue gray.


Purples: There is lots of purple. From lavender to grape, even periwinkle works!


Mauves: Purple mauve, neutral brownish mauve and reddish mauve all work. Also, shades of Marsala.

Pinky Swear

Pink: Beautiful light bright pinks and soft rosy pinks are in.

Salmon Run

Peachy coral: Pastel peaches, salmons, corals and red oranges.
Sun's Up Top Down

Yellow: So many nail polish brands are showing sunny yellows in soft shades and bright.

Such a nice variety. You will be sure to find a color you love.

Have a beautiful, colorful day!

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