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Beach house decorating ideas Sea Isle City, NJ
A beautiful, organized home is nice to look, but a beautiful, organized home also helps us save time, reduces our stress level, improves the flow of energy throughout the home and helps us feel comfortable and happy. A home staging course and Feng Shui class taught me lots of skills to create a neat and tidy home.

My little Cape Cod style house is an ongoing home improvement project. The goal is the reach Better Homes & Gardens status. We have a looooong way to go!!! I like my house to feel easy, welcoming and full of love. My decorating style is an eclectic blend of vintage and contemporary, beachy, cottage and farmhouse styles with a touch of whimsy. 

Sounds quirky, but it fits our home very well!
hull pottery and fiestaware
I've got a thing for vintage pottery and glassware. Sometimes, I get lucky at a flea market and find a nice piece at a bargain price. Vintage things are fascinating to me. I like to think about who may have owned them and what it was like in the time period the things were made.

Sometimes, I know who owned them and they are very special to me. My grandmothers' King's Crown glassware and Fostoria glassware make my holiday table sparkle. Those beautiful vintage things bring back fond childhood memories of dinners at both of my grandmother's houses.
fostoria and cranberry glass christmas table setting
There's always something to fix, improve, paint and decorate at the house. I love paint by the way. It's so easy to change the whole feel of a room with just a simple coat of paint and it's fast. I've waited for my husband to leave the house in the morning, then I gotten the paint can out, prepped, painted the room and put everything back in place before he returned home. That way there's no flack about the color. It's done and that's it! It took him 3 weeks to even notice that the dining room was painted. 😂

I also enjoy a furniture fixup. It's amazing what new stain, fresh paint and pretty fabric can do for a piece of furniture! I painted this tired old chair with white chalk paint and gave it a bright new cushy seat. I love it now!

chair refurbish before
chair refurbish after
I find decorating inspiration everywhere and I love to share my favorite home ideas. 
birdlife creamer jug Hannah Turner
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This page serves as reference page for my home decorating, home improvement and furniture fixup blog posts so it's always growing. Stop by anytime or visit my home page to see what I'm up to now. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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