Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zodiac Sign Reassignments

In case you haven't heard, the stars are no longer in the same positions as they were thousands of years ago when the zodiac signs were created. According to the chart, I am no longer Aquarius. Now, I am Capricorn. It seems strange but, I have traits of both signs. So, I guess it doesn't matter much to me! There is something I don't get with this chart, though. What if you are born on February 16? Are you Capricorn or Aquarius? And what's up with that new sign, Ophiuchus? I'm glad that's not my new sign! Here is the new zodiac chart.

    January 20- to February 16
Aquarius  February 16- March 11
Pisces  March 11 to April 18.
Aries  April 18 to May 13
Taurus  May 13 to June 21.
Gemini  June 21 to July 20
Cancer  July 20 to August 10
Leo  August 10 to September 16
Virgo  September 16 to October 30
Libra  October 30 to November 23
Scorpio  November 23 to November 29
Ophiuchus  November 29 to December 17
Sagittarius  December 17 to January 20
Here is a link for beauty according to your sign.  It uses the old zodiac chart, but it is still fun to read!

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