Monday, January 17, 2011

The no no hair remover

Q. Jill: Since you are so up on all the latest products, have you heard anything about no no hair? I am wondering if it is an option for the hairs on my neck that just won't disappear! thanks for your thoughts! 

A. I have never tried the no no hair remover and I don't know anyone who has used it so, I did a bit of research on it, though.  This hair remover uses Thermicon Technology. Heat is transmitted from the device to the hair, sending it down the follicle into the root, thereby disrupting cell communication responsible for hair growth.  

The company, Radiancy, claims this process will reduce hair growth in 4-6 weeks. I checked for reviews. The product rating average was 5.2.  Most of the reviews said the device did not work and was a big waste of money.  Only a few people liked it.  Next, I check the reviews on  These reviews also were not good.  

The people who tried it said it didn't work and some people said they were actually burned by the device! Only a few people said they saw some hair reduction.  Over all, it doesn't sound like the product works. Electrolysis is a great option for getting rid of a few random hairs and it is the only truly permanent form of hair removal. Waxing is also a great form of hair removal but it is not permanent. Laser hair removal offers long term hair removal. Hope this helps!

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  1. you are the best!! thanks for the input and research!