Friday, September 9, 2011

Q&A: Apples of Cheeks?

Q. I always heard that blush should be applied to the "apples" of your cheeks. What exactly does that mean?

A. The "apple" of your cheek is that nice round part of the cheek you see when you smile. Apply a nice coral, pink or rose blush for a natural look on the apples of your cheeks. Bronzer is applied below the apples to create a contoured look.
You can wear bronzer and blush, just bronzer or just blush. The choice is yours. Apply bronzer around the outside edges of your forehead, the temples, under your cheekbones and under your jaw.  Now smile. Put your blush on those nice round apples! Concentrate the color on the apples but feather it out over the cheekbones towards your temples to soften and blend it.  The blush needs to be soft and blended to avoid looking like you have round clown like circles drawn on your cheeks. 

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