Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

I always like to look ahead on these cold winter days! Here are some fun Spring makeup trends to look forward to.

Red Lips!

All shades of red, soft and bold. Red red. Orange red. Chocolate red. Fuchsia red. If it's a shade of red, it's in!
Rosy Nude Lips!

Not a fan of red lips? 
Go Rosy nude!

Glowy Skin!

Get out the bronzer and the peach blush! Skin is moist and glowy with flushed, sun kissed peach bronzed cheeks.

Bold Eyes!
Brows are still thick, well shaped and bold for Spring. Keep them well groomed by having them waxed regularly. Fill them in with brow powder then, hold them in place with brow gel.

Cat Eyes!

Add a winged-up liner lift to the outer corner of your eye. Try a glittery touch of white, silver or gray eye shadow.

Or Go Smokey!

The smokey eye is still hot!

Doll Lashes!
Exaggerate your lashes with false lashes or lots of mascara.

Pops of Color!
Start with a monochromatic nude face then add a pop of color such as, blue, emerald turquoise, gold or orange,to your eyes.

Not sure how to do your Spring look? Visit the makeup artist at your salon for a Spring Makeup Lesson!

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