Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red Lipstick. Warm Red or Cool Red?

Happy Valentines Day!

Picking the right red lipstick can be tricky. Blue reds flatter cool toned skin colors. Orange reds flatter warm toned skin colors. Not sure if you are warm or cool? 

Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Many of us have a sallowness to our skin even though our undertones are blue. 

Try this little trick. You will need a bare face, an orange piece of paper and a pink piece of paper. Hold the orange piece of paper under your chin as you look in the mirror. Take a good look at how your skin looks. Does you skin color look good? Look at the imperfections. Do blemishes stand out more? Does the skin look blotchy and more red? Do dark circles look more pronounced?
Now try the pink piece of paper and take a good look.

Your skin is warm toned if the orange paper makes you look better. A warm coral red or terracotta red such as, MAC Cockney, MAC Lady Bug or Bobbi Brown Hollywood Red, will be best for you. 

Your skin is cool toned if the pink paper makes you look better. A cool blue red or berry red such as, MAC Russian Red, Estee Lauder Cherry Passion or Bobbi Brown Vintage Red, will be best for you. 

Also, take into consideration the color of your skin when choosing your lipstick. Is it fair, medium or dark in color? Darker skin colors can handle darker, more intense lip colors. Go with light, bright and clear colors for fair skin.

Please Note: All of the lipstick brands mentioned in this post are from companies that are now on the tested on animals list. They were not when this post was written.

Have a beautiful color filled day!

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