Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toe Nail Fungus from a foot bath

footsie bathQ. Can I get a toe nail fungus when I have a pedicure done at a salon or spa?

A. You can get a toenail fungus when having a pedicure if the foot bath or tools being used on you are contaminated with the fungus and if you have an opening in the skin around the toenail for the fungus to enter in. 

The whirlpool baths used in many salon and spas may not be cleaned and disinfected properly. Be sure to go to a reputable, licensed salon or spa that is willing to explain how the whirlpools are cleaned. You want to hear that they clean not only the basin, but also the inner pipes frequently. 

Also, look for a salon or spa the uses foot bath pedicure basins with disposable liners, disposable orangewood sticks and disposable nail and foot files. That way your are guaranteed a fresh clean pedicure.

See me at the salon for a super clean pedicure!

Have Happy Feet Day!

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