Monday, May 7, 2012

What is a pedicure?

It's time to get on your toes! 

A pedicure is a necessary indulgence! It's a facial for your feet. Our feet must look and feel their very best in our fun summer sandals. Your pedicure should be a comfortable relaxing experience. A time for you to decompress and enjoy the aromas and touch sensations.

* Your pedicure starts by soaking your feet in a warm fragrant foot bath.

* Toenails are trimmed and filed.

* Cuticles are softened and pushed back. Only hangnails should be trimmed.

* Roughness is reduced with a scrub, a peel and/or a foot buffer. Callouses should never be cut. The skin has thickened as protection and will only come back quicker if cut.

* A foot mask, hot towels and/or paraffin wax may be applied if you receiving a spa pedicure.

* The feet and lower legs are massaged with oil, lotion or cream.

* Oils are removed from the toe nails followed by beautiful polish.

A basic pedicure will take about 30 minutes. A spa pedicure will take 45 minutes to 1 hour.    Enjoy!

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