Monday, June 4, 2012

Thyroid Trouble and Nails

Q. My nails are a mess. They are dry and brittle. They just keep breaking. I have heard thyroid problems can cause this. What should I do ?

A. A under active thyroid can cause brittle nails and hair. Other symptoms include fatigue, increases sensitivity to cold, unexplained weight gain, muscle and joint aches. Make an appointment with your doctor and have a blood test done to check your thyroid hormone level. If the level is low, the doctor will prescribe a synthetic thyroid hormone for you to take. You should start to feel better in a week or two. The nails will start to look better in about 6 months. I have heard from someone taking thyroid hormone, that her nails improved when taking the brand name medication Synthroid, but not while taking a generic brand. 

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