Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carry on Bag Tips

It's Thanksgiving travel time! I like to travel with carry on luggage. It's saves time and money. Those baggage fees are crazy! The tricky part of traveling with carry on luggage is packing up your toiletries. The TSA allows aerosols, liquids and gels in 3.4 (100ml) ounces sizes or less all packed into a 1 quart zip-top clear plastic bag. This means hairspray, hair gel, foundation, mascara, toothpaste and all other cream or liquid beauty items.

I find many of my beauty products in small bottles. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a whole wall full of travel size toiletries. Another great place to get small bottles is Ulta. I bought a couple 3 oz. bottles of my favorite sunscreen there. Samples come in great little bottles. Rinse them and save them. Those little one ounce bottles are great to refill with foundation. Bigger bottles can be filled with your favorite body lotion. I also save those little zip-top bags that contain extra buttons that come with a new garment. The buttons go into a button box and the little bags can be filled with a cream that you don't need much of while you are away such a eye cream. A little blob of it will last a week. I also use those bags to put pieces of dental floss in.

You can also find some things in packets and towelettes. Check out Pinch Provisions. http://shop.pinchprovisions.com/glitter-minimergency-kit-p66.aspx They have a mini emergency kit that contains little items you may need such as clear nail polish and deodorant towelettes. You can find travel size Advil and Tylenol so leave the big bottles at home.

Pack a mini flat iron and mini curling iron. Your hotel will have a blow dryer. You will need to down size the amount of clothes and shoes you take with you, too. I find we all over pack anyway! Keep everything small and carry it all on! Happy travels!

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