Wednesday, December 26, 2012

5 Tips to Stop Nail Biting

Christmas is over and it is time to set our sites on New Year's. Time to make resolutions and find ways to improve ourselves and our world in the coming year. Some things seem completely out of our reach but some things, like breaking a bad habit, are completely doable. 

Let's talk about nail biting. Not only do bitten nails look bad, it is unhealthy! Nasty germs can hide under the nails. When you bite your nails, you increase you chances of getting sick! Here are five of the top tips to stop the biting habit.

5. Wear gloves during your favorite nail biting time. Maybe it's while you are watching TV.

4. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. Snap it when you want to nibble on your nails.

3. Get a manicure regularly to remove that nail and skin roughness that you want to bite!

2. Try painting a bitter potion on your nails such as Jessica Nibble No More

#1. Keep your nails beautifully polished at all times!

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