Friday, January 25, 2013

Look Younger with Brow Grooming!

I am still reaching into my bag of tricks to look a little younger before my birthday! One of the quickest ways to look younger is to groom your eyebrows. 
thick eyebrows
Young eyebrows are well defined, dark and thick. The hairs are short, smooth and shiny. Old eyebrows are sparse and washed out looking. They are thin from years of over plucking. They shorten from each end. The hairs can be long and wiry. 

When we imitate the brows of our youth, we look younger. Brows need to be a defined shape, no strays. They must be left as long as possible at each end. They need to be filled in with brow powder to make them look thick and full. Wiry hair must be trimmed and tamed with brow gel. The gel will also give them a nice young looking sheen. 

I find we tend to over pluck our own brows. We
over scrutinize ourselves and ruin our brow shape especially when using a magnifying mirror.  I like to let someone else look at me objectively and shape my brows. Visit the salon and have your eyebrows professionally shaped.  It's an inexpensive luxury that's definitely worth it to look a little younger! 

Have a Beautiful Day!
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