Friday, April 26, 2013

Gel Polish and Cancer

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Women love their gel polish and gel nails. I know, it stays on great for weeks with no chipping. It has always been a concern that the UV light exposure could cause skin cancer. The companies that manufacture these products assure us that these UV light curing products are safe. Even many dermatologists say that the amount of exposure is low therefore, the risk of UV damage is low. Dermatologists seem more concerned with the damage that is caused to the nails in the soaking in acetone to remove the product. They say sunscreen should be applied before hands go under the light to protect the skin. Still, I don't recommend gel products.

Well, I'm here to tell you, I know of someone who has cancer of the nail beds. It is in all 10 nail beds! She has been using gel products for 2 years. Her doctor told the cause of her cancer was due to the use of gel products. Sunscreen would not have helped her. The cancer is in the nail bed not on the skin on her hands. People it is not worth the risk! Just use regular old fashioned nail polish!

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