Friday, May 24, 2013

Pedicure Tips for Memorial Day Weekend!

bright purple toes and petunias
It's time to get your feet in shape for summer flip flops and sandals! 

Visit your salon or spa and treat yourself to a professional pedicure to get those feet in tip top condition. Your pedicure starts with a relaxing foot soak. Then, the toe nails are clipped and filed. Cuticles are pushed back. The feet are scrubbed and calluses are smoothed. The best part of your pedicure? A relaxing foot massage! Polish is the finishing touch. Choose a bright fun polish color.

Pedicure Tips

A Clean Foot Bath
Be sure your salon has clean foot baths. Whirlpool baths can harbor bacteria within the pipe system. Proper cleaning procedures are required to keep the baths germ free. Some salons don't take the time to do them. Many salon are now using foot baths that use disposable liners. This gives you a fresh clean foot bath every time!

No Shaving
Avoid shaving your legs right before a pedicure. Bacteria from the foot bath can enter a small nick and cause infection.

No Razor Blades
Do not allow a razor to be used on you to remove calluses. The use of razors for callus removal is illegal in most states. The razor may not be clean. A little nick can cause a big infection. Plus, a serious injury can occur when the razor cuts too deep.

read more about razor blade callous removers

Diabetics Issues
Tell your pedicure technician if you are diabetic or have other circulation problems. Your pedicurist will need to take extra care during your pedicure.

Wear Flip Flops
Take your own flip flops to wear when you leave the salon to ensure there are no polish smudges. Salon disposable flip flops are great for wearing around the salon but are too flimsy for the drive home.

Drying Time
Be sure you have 2 hours worth of drying time before you put on closed toe shoes. 

See me at the salon for a super clean pedicure!

Have Happy Feet Day!

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