Monday, June 24, 2013

Beauty food: Coconut Water

The South Pacific, the Caribbean and other tropical locations have been using coconut water for hydration and healing for ages. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts.  Coconut milk is from mature coconuts.

The Jamaicans chop off the top of the coconut and put a straw in it to drink the coconut water. You can't get fresher than that!
coconut water
Coconut water dehydrates faster than water because it is high in electrolytes, especially potassium. One cup contains more potassium than 1 banana and more than many sports drinks. It is low in carbs and sugars.  It heals and boosts the immune system and fights viruses.

We tried Outshine Coconut Waters with Pineapple frozen bars. 
coconut popsicle

They are a yummy and a super refreshing way to get some coconut water. They are very icy and mild tasting. You get your coconut water but you get added sugar too. If you are trying to cut down on added sugar like me, go for canned coconut water.

You can find cans of coconut water that are unsweetened right in your grocery store. Check the Goya section and the water section in your supermarket.
coconut water 

There are lots of coconut water shampoos and skin care products to hydrate the outside of our body as well.

Organix makes a nice coconut water shampoo and conditioner.

Body Drench makes a nice Coconut Water Replenishing Lotion. 

There are some people are allergic to coconut. No coconut water for you!  Since coconut water is a hot item right now, always read the ingredient labels on foods and cosmetic products.

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