Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall 2013 Dimentional Hair Color

As we bask in the late summer sun, fading our hair color, we look ahead to the upcoming fall fashion trends and ponder what color our hair should be for fall! Whatever your color, it must be is multi dimensional!  Multi dimensional color starts with a main color with various highlights and low lights woven in.

If you like blonde, platinum is in. It is a dimensional platinum with areas slightly darker to give it that dimensional look.
Is a darker blonde your thing? Try a blonde, multi dimensional of course, with golden highlights and hints of strawberry.
For those of you who like red..... dark, vibrant, rich reds are in.
Brunettes look for a soft subtle ombre look. The extreme color variation has gone by the wayside. Try a dark chestnut or chocolate brown with multi dimensional woven highlights of gold and red.
Looking for something funky? The rainbow of vibrant semi permanent colors are still the rage!
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