Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 Tips to Make your Lips Look Younger

Q. How can I make my lips look younger and fuller?

A.  Here are 7 tips to help make your lips look younger!

1. Use a clean wet wash cloth to massage away peeling skin on your lips. Immediately massage  moisturizer to your lips and the area surrounding the lips. Eye cream works well. Now add a layer of lip balm to seal in the moisturizer.

2. Avoid licking your lips. It makes them chapped.

3. Apply lip balm at each night.
4. Apply lip balm. Blot it. Then, apply lipstick.
5. Use a lip liner that matches your lip color to outline your lips just a little bit outside of your natural lip line to make them look fuller.
6. Lipstick should complement your skin tone. Try a  creamy medium rosy pink shade or a soft coral pink shade. Avoid dark colors which can make your lips look small and very light colors which can make you look pale.
7. Add lip gloss to the center of your lips only to highlight and make them appear fuller.

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