Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Does stress make hair turn gray?

Yes, it does!

There are cells called melanocytes that produce the pigment melanin in our hair. There are two types of pigment, the darker brown or black eumelanin pigment and the lighter red or blond phaeomelanin pigment which blend together to create our various hair colors.  

As we age, the melanocyte function slows down and the hairs start to loose their color gradually turning gray. Hair turns white when the melancytes stop working altogether. How your hair grays is genetically programmed, but gray also can be caused by auto immune diseases and certain viral illnesses, disorders such as thyroid dysfunction, long term nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, hormones, and chemotherapy. 

Stress can cause hormone changes in our bodies and hormones can cause the hair to gray. The before and after pictures of our presidents are a good example of stress graying the hair.

No one ever has to be gray, though. We have hair color to dye those grays:)

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