Monday, March 24, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Look at this bright palette from Urban Decay.
urban decay electric paletteIt's the Electric Palette. I always love Urban Decay shadows. They perform well and I always get a chuckle from the names of the colors. You will love this palette if you are looking for bold funky eye shadow colors.

You get 10 highly pigmented, super bright eye shadows. They are fun. Two of the colors are from previous palettes. 
The other 8 colors are brand new. 

Revolt- a bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter 

(from the Anarchy Face Palette)

Gonzo- a bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl

Slowburn- a bright red-orange matte with floating pearl

Savage- a bright hot pink matte

Fringe- a bright metallic teal 

Chaos- a bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl (from 

the Vice Palette)

Jilted- a bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift

Urban- a bright metallic purple

Freak- a bright green with gold shift

Thrash-a bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl

Get it for $49 at 

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