Monday, September 8, 2014

Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2014

It is almost officially autumn and my clients are asking,
 "What nail colors are in for fall?". 

Anything metallic! It can be metal colors such as
and silver 
or any color that is shimmery metallic. 

Hot colors are:

bright warm red, it's always in for fall! 
brown from pale tan to rick dark brown
mauve pinks
wines and deep reds
deep blue including cobalt, navy and blue gray
various shades of gray including greenish gray
and surprisingly, mint green!

OPI and Le Chat both have a minty green for fall.
opi my dogsled is a hybrid
My Dogsled is a Hybrid

I am absolutely in love with Zoya's Ignite collection

zoya ignite

And their Naturel 2 collection
zoya naturel 2

And look at these beautiful Spa Ritual Colors!
Wander collection
spa ritual wander
A gorgeous turquoise from Duri
dur tolstoy turquoise
Tolstoy Turquoise
And a fabulous copper from Orly
orly brush it on
Brush it on

I adore this Essie wine. But Essie is owned by an animal testing company. 
essie dressed to kilt

Autumn in New York from Jessica
jessica autumn in new york
And Color Club's offering for fall
color club 7 deadly sins

So many beautiful colors! It's hard to choose a favorite!

Have a Beautiful Day!
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