Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why do I still have hair after waxing?

waxed legs
Q. I just had my legs waxed but they don't feel smooth. They look hair free, but when I rub my legs in an upward motion, I feel stubbly hair. What happened?

A. Unfortunately, it can happen. You let the hair grow 2 weeks after shaving like you were supposed to and you still didn't get a good wax. It is actually a common problem. It's really hard to get a completely hair free waxing due to the way hair grows. Here are a few things could have happened.

Some hairs too short
Each hair has it's own growth cycle. Some hairs are growing, some are resting, some are shedding. Some hairs are long and ready to be waxed while others are just starting to come through the skin. Waxing only will pull the hairs that are long enough to be become imbedded in the wax and be pulled out. The shorties are left behind.

Hairs were trapped
There were hairs trapped under a layer of dead skin that could not become imbedded in the wax and be pulled out. The skin may look smooth but you can feel the bumpiness of the hair under the skin.

Hairs broke
Sometimes there is hair breakage during waxing. It can be because the hairs were not pulled in the proper direction, but more likely, hairs were weak are simply broke during the waxing process.

Stay on Schedule
I find that my clients who only wax, without any shaving in between, rarely have the problem of short hairs remaining. I think it is because the hairs have become finer through constant waxing and pull out easier even if they are a little too short. Stay on a consistent leg waxing schedule every 4-5 weeks with no shaving in between. You should start getting smoother waxing results.

Better Skin Care
Try stepping up your skin care to get better waxing results.

Use a body scrub regularly in the shower to remove the dead skin cell build up that can trap hairs under the skin. Skip the scrubbing the day of and the day after waxing to avoid skin sensitivity.

Use moisturizer daily to keep skin and hair soft and conditioned.

Get your Vitamins
As for breakage, it's hard to remedy if the hairs are brittle. Taking a hair, skin and nail vitamin may help the condition of the hair. 

Go to an Experienced Waxer
Waxing technicians are trained to pull hairs properly. It's possible a new waxer may make a mistake. Try going to veteran waxing technician if you feel your waxing was not good due to technical issues.

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In the mean time, get your legs feeling smoother right after waxing by breaking out the tweezers. Pull the shorties out. Your waxer may tweeze for you if there aren't too many short hairs.

Hope this helps!

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