Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eye Shadow for Spring 2015

Blue Eye Shadow
Eye shadow colors for spring can go along with the subtle no makeup look or they can be the polar opposite, super fun high voltage bright bold color! The nude shadow look has been around for a few years now. I think people could be getting a bit bored with it. Bold colored shadow, particularly blue, has also been around for a couple years. 

People like the idea of color, but are not sure what to do with it so they shy away from it. An easy way to use bold color is to apply soft neutral shadow that you are comfortable with, then add bold color on the outer eyelids. Another easy way, apply the bold color to your eyelids only, avoid the crease and brow bone. 

As for shadow finish, matte is always a good choice but shimmer is the word!

So which bold shadow colors are hot? There is lots of peachy coral, purple, green and still some blue. Let's check some popular go to on trend brands. 

We have Urban Decay. Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette, $34. 
urban decay eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Free Love
Purple- Flash and Tornado
Green- Indo
Blue- Moon Shadow

Sin and Blackout are two of my all time favorite colors. By the way, peachy shadow make blue eyes pop.

Too Faced Sugar Pop, $36.
too faced eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Macaroon
Purple- Blackberry
Green- Blue Raspberry
Blue- Sugared Violet

They also have that bright pink Bubblegum. Looks fun, but you have to be careful with pinks. They can make you eyes look red like when you are feeling ill.

NYX has these new prismatic shadows. Just the word prismatic makes me love them! $6 each.
nyx eye shadow

Peach/Coral- Golden Peach and Fireball
Purple- Punk Heart
Green- Mermaid and Jaded
Blue- Blue Jeans

They also have a beautiful pink Girl Talk, a soft warm pink.

There are the hot bold spring shadow colors. Now go play!

Have a Colorful Day!

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