Friday, May 29, 2015

Pantyhose are back...What???

nude fishnet pantyhose
I hear that pantyhose are back in style. We can thank princess Kate for that apparently. She is always impeccably dressed with her legs properly covered. Personally, I have always hated pantyhose, especially control tops. I rarely wear them. They strangle my legs and waist and get snags and runners immediately, wasting my hard earned money! They do make the legs look better though. They help conceal flaws such as spider veins and pigmentation spots. They also do a nice job of stopping the jiggles. Tights are my preference. They are comfier and more durable and also, are very in style according to designers and the fashion runways. I like my fishnets, too!
nude fishnet pantyhose
They say pantyhose are more comfortable and more durable than they used to be because the yarns used to make the hose are softer, the knitting is a more open weave and newer technology makes them stronger and more snag resistant. Some even have micro-encapsulated moisturizer, I am having trouble actually finding them though, the Tracy Ellen moisturizing tights. The price range for sheer pantyhose is huge. You can get a pair for about $4.00 up to 50 or 60 dollars, even more for a fancy decorated pair. You can get different finishes such as matte and shimmer. 

 Commando Gloss Sheer Pantyhose, $30, give the legs a shimmering airbrushed look. That sounds good to me. Commando, I love the name and their selection of styles, but not their prices! They have sexy back seam pantyhose, $32, and a stirrup sheers, $30.

Here are a few brands with links if you feel like doing a little pantyhose shopping:

Donna Karen: The Opaques, The Nudes and Evolution Ultra Sheer

Hanes Legwear: L'eggs and Silk Reflections

No Nonsense

Hue Legwear

Wolford Tights and Hosiery

Commando Sheer Hosiery

Pretty Polly

Shop for pantyhoseon Amazon Fashion.

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