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Pedicure Problems: Things needed for a safe pedicure

purple toe nail polish and petunias
It's officially summer. That means it's big time pedicure season. Our toes must look perfectly polished in our flip flops and sandals. And...our feet must be smooth and moist. Old looking dry cracked skin is simply unacceptable.

Here's the thing... you need to make sure you will be getting a safe pedicure. There can be bacteria in that foot bath. Here are a few things to think about before you head to the salon for your next pedicure.

Bacteria in the foot bath Those fabulous whirlpool pedicure baths feel great but bacteria, fungus and other nasties may be swimming in the whirlpool along with your feet. Some salon are not as diligent at cleaning foot baths as others. Thorough cleaning is a time consuming task and some salon don't take the time they should to clean them properly. Some nails salons are booked so tightly with back to back clients, they don't have time to clean them properly. There are salons using foot baths with disposable liners. Our salon, Styling Point in Media, Pa, uses Footsie Bath pedicure baths that stay warm and vibrate. 
foot bath
They are great! You don't get the whirlpool, but you do get a fresh clean liner in the foot bath eliminating the bacteria problem all together.

No Razors
I know you want to show up for your pedicure with soft smooth legs but don't shave your legs before your pedicure. Shaving can cause small nicks in the skin where bacteria can enter in possibly causing an infection. 

Callus shavers, the kind that use a razor blade to cut off calluses are illegal in most states but some salon use them anyway. 
 callous remover
One false move with a callus shaver can create a nasty cut or too much skin can be removed leaving you with sore feet. Calluses should be smoothed down and moisturized. The thickened skin is there to help protect our feet and we need a little extra protection in the summer with all of our bare footin'.

Clean Tools
Make sure the nail files, foot files and orangewood sticks are fresh and clean for you. They are to be used on only one person then tossed in the trash. All metal tools, cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers and nail clippers must be clean and sanitary for each client.

Licensed Technician
Lastly, go to an experienced licensed pedicurist who knows what she/he is doing. Licenses for each technician must be on display in the salon. Nails need to be cut properly to prevent ingrown toe nails. There should be little cuticle cutting. Plus, you want an expert polish job to make your feet look fabulous!

Have a Pretty Feet Day!

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