Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beach Bag Essentials: Beauty Items, etc...

Negril, Jamaica
It's beach time! The last thing you want to do is realize you forgot something while you are on the relaxing on the beach. Here is a list of a few necessary beauty items to pack in your beach bag. Many you know about and some you may not have thought of. 

Sunscreen SPF 30 to 50. 
Some are better for you than others according to The Environmental Working Group. Some brands that scored well were Bull Frog, Alba Botanica and Juice Beauty. Here is a link to the Environmental Working Group's 2015 Guide to Sunscreens.

Lip Protection.
Alba Botanica Mineral Terra Tints Lip Balm SPF 15 in Bloom protects your lips and gives you a nice pink lip color.
Here is a link to Alba Botanica Productson Amazon.

Baby Powder. 
Sprinkle it on areas of skin that have clinging sand. Lightly spread it over the area. Then, dust it off. It helps remove sand that is stuck to your skin right after you exit the beach.

Sun Glasses. 

Be sure they have UVA/UVB protection to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from wrinkle causing UV rays.

A Hat. 

A hat that has a floppy 3" or larger brim offers the most protection from the sun. Especially a hat that has sun protection right in the fabric. The Wallaroo Hat Company has a nice selection of hats with a UPF rating. UPF is Ultaviolet Protection Factor. Fabric with a UPF rating offers a higher amount of sun protection than regular fabrics. The fabric has a tighter weave, a heavier weight and minimal stretch than regular fabrics.  They can also have chemical UV absorbers and UV Reflectors. A rating of 50+ is great protection.

A Hair Tie.
Throw an elastic hair tie in your bag to make a pony tail after you get tired of your hair blowing in the wind.

Baby wipes.
They are great for removing sand from your hands before a snack.

A healthy anti-oxidant snack.
Pack a healthy fruit snack such as watermelon and blueberries. Not only are they refreshing, they are full of anti oxidants that give your skin a little extra natural sun protection. Pack your fruit in a reusable container. A plastic bag that takes off in the wind is no good for the beach birds and the sea creatures.

Bottled water. 
It keeps you hydrated. Use a reusable water bottle or be careful to take the bottle including the cap back to the beach house. Plastic caps are no good for beach birds and sea creatures.

A small bottle of olive oil. 
Why in the world would you need olive oil on the beach? You can apply it to your feet then, massage them with sand for fabulous exfoliation of rough skin. It can be any oil you like really.

There are some practical non beauty items you may want to pack in your bag as well.

Cell phone protection. 

A zippered plastic sandwich bag is great protection for your cell phone. Your phone's touch screen actually works through it when the bag is pulled tight.

And, of course,

tissues and napkins,

a little cash for ice cream from the Fudgy Wudgy guy,

a towel,

and a steamy beach read. Click here to find a nice romance novel

Have a Beautiful, Sun Safe Day!

See more skin & sun care tips on youtube!

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