Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Makeup Makeup

Ahhh! The beach vacation. A time to kick back, relax and rejuvenate. So, I decided that I would take a makeup break on my beach vacation. After all, the no makeup makeup look is in. 

The no makeup makeup look is when you create a very natural looking makeup focused on beautiful glowing skin using BB Cream, luminous foundation, bronzer and luminizer/highlighter with minimal eye and lip makeup.  It looks as if you are not wearing makeup. It's the natural you but better. Click here for more on highlighting/strobing.

For my no makeup makeup I wore my BB cream, concealer, mineral makeup for glowy skin and extra sun protection and luminizer, a bit of eye liner and tinted lip balm. That is waaay less than my usual. I also decided I would also take a hair styling break. After all, it is a vacation, right?

That all changed when I looked in the mirror. Who was that old and tired woman? My eyes looked dark and my hair was a frizz ball! The no makeup makeup look is clearly not for me. I think that look is meant for the young and beautiful. 

Makeup break over! This morning I spent the extra time to add shimmer eye shadow to brighten my eye lids, heavier eye liner, my favorite, but time consuming, Too faced Lash Extension Mascara and brow powder along with some lip liner to the basic no makeup makeup I was doing. I didn't go overboard with the makeup but it was more than basic. Lashes make all the difference for me.
too faced better than false lashes

The hair, of course, had to be tamed. A bit of flat iron work and some Moroccan Oil took care of the frizzies. The ocean air will probably cause some frizzies again, but the hair is smooth and pretty for now.

I have to say I look much brighter today and feel much more confident. It's amazing how doing your hair and makeup can make you feel. 

Good thing I brought a full makeup kit!

makeup kit

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