Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Nail Polish: Color mixing to make Aquamarine

My favorite nail polish color for my toes has to be blue. I try other colors but most of them just look, average to me. Here is OPI Charged up Cherry.
cherry nail polish
It's a nice color and looks good but I don't look at my toes and smile. Blue makes me smile! I like something that is a little funky, not a typical color. And it has to be vibrant.

I think we all have that certain color that makes us happy just looking at it. It also makes me happy to create new colors that are specially created not only for myself, but to suit a client's wants. The client may say I love that blue, but I want it to be just a little greener. No problem. I just layer a few polish colors to created a new color that suits the client. Unique polish colors to express individuality.

My latest favorite color combination creates a beautiful aquamarine. It is OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid topped with Zoya Rayne.
 OPI My Dogsled and Zoya Rayne.
Here is Rayne alone. Lovely.
OPI My Dogsled and Zoya Rayne.
It's a beautiful color all by itself, but apply My Dogsled is a Hybrid under it and it turns it more green. Aquamarine. Gorgeous!  Love it!
 OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid and Zoya Rayne toenails

Now my toes look special. Mermaid like.
aquamarine toenails in sandles
That makes me smile! 
Have a Beautiful Day!

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