Friday, September 11, 2015

Feathery Brows

dramatic brow
The trend for eye brows the past few years has been a very bold, thick, filled in, arched, clean brow. Fashion changes and makeup styles change right along with it. In case you haven't noticed, we have a bohemian hippie look trending for fall. Those stenciled sculpted brows we have seen in the last few seasons just don't go with the bohemian style. 

A softer, more natural look is needed now. Brows for this fall have a softer feathery look.

feathered brow
Brows are still thick and arched but they don't have a hard clean stenciled line. Visible hairs soften the line. I want to call them stray hairs, but they are more like controlled strays that soften the edges of the brows. The brow hairs can be brushed up to get a soft feathery look. The brushed up brow look was popular back in the 80's, you know, that thick wild Brooke Shield brow look. The brushed up look now is much cleaner and more controlled.

How to Get the Feathered Brow Look

Brush up  & Clean up

Start by brushing your brows upwards. 
feathered brow brushing

You can use a brow brush or a mascara spoolie. Tweeze out any wild strays that are out of the brow line.

Smooth a bit
Use you brow brush or spoolie to smooth the hairs down a bit so they are not super straight up. Keep the inner half of the brow up more than the outer half.
feathered brow brushing

Fill in
Use a sharp brow pencil that is close to or slightly darker than your natural brow hair color. Make fine hair like strokes. Follow the shape you created when you smoothed the brow a bit in the previous step. Don't fill the brows in completely. Leave little spaces for a softer natural look.
brow pencil

Gel it
Apply brow gel to hold the hairs in place and give the brow hairs a healthy looking sheen. You can use a clear brow gel or a colored brow gel for even bolder color and better gray hair coverage.

brow gel

That's it. Soft and easy. My brows are a little a little thin. Thicker brows are more the style but you can see the the brushed up look anyway.
feathered brow
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Have a Beautiful Day!

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