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Christmas Decorating: Prevent an allergic skin reaction from your Christmas Tree

It's time to get the house looking festive for the holidays! 
Cat and Christmas decorations
That means putting lights on trees and bushes and scratching up my hands and arms with the tree branches in the process! 
Scratches from Christmas tree
It happens every time with both real and artificial trees. Especially when only half the pre lit tree is lighting and you have to dig through the branches and find the bad bulb. Uggggh! You would think I would learn after all these years of decorating experience, but I just jump right into the decorating full of creative energy not worrying about the scratches, till later when they start stinging!
Christmas ornaments
To make matters worse, some people are allergic to pine trees and/or the mold, and what have you, that is on the tree. You may not be totally safe from allergies with an artificial tree either. People can be allergic to the dust and dust mites that cling to artificial trees. Allergic people get a rash on their hands and arms along with the scratches.

There is a simple solution to prevent the scratches and rashes.
decorating Christmas tree
Wear gloves and long sleeves when decorating trees. Long sleeves tucked into the gloves give you the best protection.

After Decorating:
Remove the gloves and long sleeve shirt after the decorating and put them in the wash. Wash your hands and arms to remove any allergens. 

If you happened to get scratches and rashes, treat the scratches with an antibiotic ointment to help them heal a little quicker. Use calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to soothe an allergic reaction rash.

Artificial tree dust removal tips:

Christmas tree

Wear gloves and long sleeves when cleaning and assembling the tree. 

Unpack Outside
Open the box that stores your artificial tree outside.

Vacuum Away Dust  Vacuum your artificial tree to remove dust. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to gently go branch by branch from top to bottom if the tree is assembled. It is easier to vacuum before it is assembled. Do it outside if you can, otherwise put a plastic sheet to catch dust under the tree that you can dispose of after cleaning.

Blow Away Dust You can blow the tree off outside with a leaf blower if you have a sturdy tree. A leaf blower is strong. It could damage a delicate artificial tree. I have used a blow dryer on the cool setting to blow dust off of my tree in the past.

Wipe Away Dust Use a damp towel to wipe dust off of artificial trees from top to bottom. You can add a bit of dish washing liquid to a bucket of water. Dip your cleaning rag in and squeeze it out really well. You should not saturate the tree. Do it outside if you can. Let it dry thoroughly before decorating it and plugging in lights. 

Store in Plastic Store the artificial tree in plastic bags or plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes to reduce dust mites.

Buy a New Tree Or maybe it's time to ditch your old tree full of allergens and start fresh with a new tree. Especially with all the great cyber sales going on at Christmas time!

Shop for a new Christmas tree.

Have a Beautiful, Healthy Day!

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