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Leg Waxing Info

It's travel time for lots of people and lots of those traveling people are heading to warm beachy places. For me that means a full leg wax is a must. Showers are quicker since no shaving is needed, there are no stinging legs when you go into salty sea water like you get on freshly shaved legs and there are no dark hairs to show through the skin because the hair is removed by the root. 
waxed legs
Do I have to grow the hair?
Yes. Hairs that are too short cannot become embedded in the wax so the can't be pulled out.

How long does the hair have to be?
The hardest part of waxing is when you first start. The hair must be 1/8"-1/4" long so the wax can adhere to it and pull it out. That's about 10-14 days of growth. Make your waxing appointment early (while the hair is growing) to get a convenient appointment time. 

Is there anything special I have to do to prepare?
Avoid sun exposure (that includes tanning beds) 2 days before waxing. Burnt skin cannot be waxed. Stop using any glycolic of alpha hydroxy skin care products on your legs 3 days before waxing. 

Do a light exfoliation using a body scrub the day before your waxing to remove dead cell build up. This will free up hairs trapped under the dead skin layer so that they can be removed with the wax.
Will it hurt?So now you are ready to be waxed.  Your wax technician will do a patch test to check for sensitivity if you have never been waxed before.  It feels like pulling a bandaid off. It's a quick sting. The hairs become weaker, finer and more sparse with continuous waxing making them easier to pull out. The more you wax, the less it hurts. I actually have clients doze off during their leg waxings. Really. I'm not kidding.

How is the waxing done?

There are different types of wax. Hard wax and soft wax. The process is a little different according to what kind of wax is used.

Here is the process using soft wax: powder may or may not be applied to the area to be waxed (depending on the dryness of the skin), warm wax is applied to the skin in approximately 2"x 5" sections. A cloth strip is placed over the wax and is pressed on to the wax. Then, the strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Your technician may then press on the skin to take away the sting. The process continues on the front and back of the legs taking about 45-60 minutes for a full leg wax and 20-30 minutes for a 1/2 leg wax (from the knee down or from the knee up). A soothing lotion is massaged onto your skin after the waxing is completed. 

Hard wax doesn't require a cloth strip. The wax is melted and applied to the skin in a thick layer. It is allowed to harden slightly and is pulled off. Hard wax sticks less to the skin than soft wax. People with very sensitive skin will have less irritation when hard wax is used for their leg waxing.

What do I need to do after my waxing?
Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) for 24 hours after waxing. Wear comfortable clothes, not tight jeans right after waxing. Avoid hot water after waxing, warm water is fine.

If the skin feels irritated or sensitive, apply a soothing cream. Aloe creams are very soothing for just waxed skin.

How long will my leg wax last?
You can expect your legs to stay smooth for about 2 weeks. Then, you will have a few soft strays growing in. By 4-6 weeks, the hair is ready to be waxed again. The hair has to grow to the right length again in order to wax it again but, it is easier to let the hair grow for the next waxing after it's been waxed rather than shaved.

Will the hair grow in darker and thicker? 
No. After your first leg wax, the hair will grow back pretty much the same, but it will feel much softer grow in. There is no course stubble. Continuous waxing helps to weaken the hair. The hair eventually gets finer and more sparse.

Can I shave between waxings?
To achieve maximum hair reduction benefits from waxing, stick to a continuous waxing schedule. Don't decide to go back to shaving for awhile and then wax again.  The hair will not respond in the same way as with constant waxing. It will not become softer, finer and more sparse. My leg waxing clients come in about every 6 weeks for waxing.

Stick to waxing. You will love the results.

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