Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your Skin Care Routine: 10 things you should be doing for your skin

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We all get tired and slack off on our skin care routine. Maybe we go to bed without removing makeup or maybe we are feeling so cold that we need that super steamy hot shower, but there are some important basic things we should be doing everyday to take care of our skin. 

Protect Hands

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning or doing dishes to help prevent hand chapping and help prevent nail damage.

Moisturize Hands
Apply hand lotion repeatedly throughout the day to keep hands from getting dry and help them look younger.

Avoid Hot Water
Take short warm showers instead of long hot showers to help prevent skin dehydration.

Follow the Moisturizer Rule
Apply facial and body moisturizer within 3 minutes after showering. This seals in the water the skin absorbed during your shower. 

Drink more Water
Drinking more water hydrates the body including the skin. The experts say to drink eight 8 ounces glasses of water each day. Drinking more water also helps with weight loss. So many of my friends are doing the Isagenix diet, drinking tons of water and loosing weight. 

Eat Healthy Foods
Eat more fruits and veggies to provide more anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins for your skin.

Use the Right Moisturizer
Apply a facial moisturizer formulated for your skin type morning and evening to get the most out of your moisturizer.

Use products from the Same Line 
You will get the best results by using products from the same line. Skin care companies formulate their products cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, spot treatments and masks to work together. For instance, a cleanser may have a low pH and the toner a high pH. The products work together to create a balanced pH for the skin. One of my favorite skin care lines is YonKa. Their products smell wonderful and make the skin look fresh and dewy.

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Clean your Skin at Night 
Remove all makeup every night before bed! The skin rejuvenates itself while we sleep at night. It's the perfect time to work with the natural rejuvenation process by applying an anti aging product to fresh clean skin. 

Use Sunscreen
Apply a sunscreen with and SPF of 15 or higher everyday, rain or shine, to protect the skin from UV damage that causes pigmentation spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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