Friday, January 1, 2016

Get Better Skin-10 Tips

Welcome to the New Year! 
Time for all of us to step up our skin care routine for glowing, healthier skin. Here are 10 skin care tips that you probably already know but don't always do. Let's count them down to the most important one.

10. Wear Rubber Gloves  
Wear rubber gloves when cleaning or doing dishes to help prevent hand chapping and keep your nails stronger.

9. Moisturize your Hands
Apply hand lotion repeatedly throughout the day. Keep bottles of lotion in different rooms at home, keep a bottle in your car and one at work.

8. Avoid Hot Water 
Take short warm showers instead of long hot showers to help prevent skin dehydration.

7. Use the 3 Minute Rule
Apply facial and body moisturizer within 3 minutes after showering to seal on moisture.

6. Drink Water
Drink more water to keep the body well hydrated.

5. Eat More Veggies
Add more fruits and veggies to your diet to provide more anti-aging, free radical fighting antioxidants for your skin.

4. Use the right skin care 
Avoid using soap on your face. Use a facial cleanser suited for your skin type such as a gentle cream cleanser for normal/dry skin or a gel cleanser for oily skin. Apply a facial moisturizer formulated for your skin type in the morning and at night.

3. Fight Breakouts
Fight breakouts by diligently using an acne skin care regime that includes a cleanser, a peel, a leave on treatment and a moisturizer. Juicy Beauty makes a great kit to help clear your skin. My daughters are using it right now!

2. Remove Makeup at Bedtime
Remove all makeup every night before bed!

#1.Use Sunscreen
This is the most important tip of all. Apply a sunscreen with and SPF of 15 or higher everyday, rain or shine, to protect the skin from UV radiation that causes pigmentation spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. There are some good oil free sunscreens that feel nice on your face and makeup can go right on top. Hawaiian Tropic makes a good sensitive skin sunscreen.

Start the year off right with a good skin care regime and stick to it all year long. I have read that on average, it takes a little more than 2 months to form a new behavior, a good habit. Stick to your new skin care routine. You will be proud of yourself for accomplishing better, prettier, healthier skin.

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