Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Butterflies and Flowers Tattoo

butterflies and flower tattoo
Tattoo by Mike D. at Olde Media Tattoo
This beautiful tattoo belongs to a friend of mine. It's on the side of her body. Like many tattoos, it has special meaning. That's what I love about tattoos. There's almost always a special meaning to them. 

This tattoo began as 3 butterflies representing this special person, her sister and her mother. You can see them there in the center in blue, pink and yellow. 
butterflies and flower tattoo closeup
The tattoo then grew a few years later with beautiful pink flowers to honor her mother. It's a butterfly garden.  I just love a butterfly garden... 
butterfly on butterfly bush
a live one and a tattooed one!

Pink tulips are her Mom's favorite flowers. Such a beautiful, special tribute. 

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