Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Beach Ruffles Etsy Shop

I have a new venture.  For years I've been creating jewelry, hair accessories, and frilly ruffled & sequined sarongs, aprons and other pretty things for myself and for friends. It's time to expand....I opened an etsy shop! Beach Ruffles.

For me, I like to create an outfit out of my bathing suit when I'm away on vacation.That means having the perfect beach cover up to coordinate with my suit. It has to be something fun and unique or I won't be happy with it. Then I need jewelry and a hat, a headband or a flower hair clip to go with it.  It makes the perfect pretty daytime outfit to wear to a casual breakfast at the open air buffet, to the beach, to the pool and to the beach grill for lunch. I have a different suit for each day on vacation so I'm always coming up with new cover up ideas.

Here is a ruffled sarong I made. I call the ruffled sarongs Beach Ruffle Wraps.

 Beach Ruffle Wrap Sarong
Here is a fun flower hair clip that looks just perfect with this Beach Ruffle Wrap.
 Flower Hair Clip
And here is a long corded necklace to add a little crystal bling to the beach outfit.
long dangle necklace with shell and crystal
My aprons will keep you looking cute in the kitchen while protecting your clothes!
I also have made hats for kids!
kids hat
And let's not forget our furry friends. They like to look pretty too! I make ruffled bandanas for dogs and very tolerant cats!
 Bandanna for dogs and cats
Browse around my etsy shop and stop back often. I hope you like what you see! I have lots of new designs I am working on. You can follow Beach Ruffles on Facebook to keep up on the latest creations. 

Click here for the Beach Ruffles Facebook Page

Thanks for stopping by and
Have a Beautiful Day!
Beach Ruffles etsy shop

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