Tuesday, September 12, 2017

makeup colors for fall 2017

Let's have a look at all the beautiful fall colors for the eyes, cheeks and lips from the fashion runways!
2017 fall eye shadow and lipstick color trends
I hate to let the summer go and move to fall colors, but September 22 is creeping closer and closer.🍁 The color trends for autumn are all over the place! From pastels to jewel tones to black. 

Eye shadow colors are like a huge watercolor box full of colors in matte, metallic and glitter finishes. The eye shadow styles and over all makeup looks vary as well. There are a few distinctive makeup themes. 

There is the fairy like, ethereal style with luminous skin, pink cheeks, pink lips and soft pink or smoky eye shadow. I also include the Minimalist look in this theme with it's luminous skin and soft colored lips, cheeks and eyes.
The hippie, flower child, 60's style with chunky false Twiggy like lashes, heavy dark shadow and pale pink lips.
A classic romantic vintage look with plum, dusty rose or red lips with lined eyes and classic neutral eye shadow with a medium shade on the eye lids, a dark shade in the crease and a light shade on the brow bone. 
The 90's punk rock, gothic edgy style with bold lips, heavy dark eye liner with black and red shadow.
Tribal looks are bold with dots, graphic lines and shapes in bright, electric colors drawn on as eye shadow and accents.

A sea of blues was seen on the fall fashion runways: electric blue, periwinkle, blue violet, powder blue, baby blue, cobalt and navy. Greens are also key. Teal, bright green and olive.
blue eye shadow palette
You are right in style if you love to wear jewel tone purples, violet and plum!
fall eye shadow colors 2017
Try black and metallics in copper, silver and gold. Also, smoky grays, taupes, and creams. For those who are willing to try a bold runway look: use black shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eye lids with red eye shadow in the center. Very dramatic. Very Gothic! 
black and metallic eyeshadow
Speaking of the red....there are a lot of soft pinks, bright pinks, dusty rose and fuchsia eye shadows also trending. Plus, peach, orange and yellow!

Soooo many shadow colors to try. There's something for everyone this fall!


Look for eyeliner in shades of teal, blue, pink and, of course, classic black. The cat eye this fall is a more subtle than the cat eyes we've seen in the last few seasons. Liner can be thick and smudgy. Eyeliner can be outside the lines! Floating eyeliner is a line drawn just above the crease. A hot runway trend. Also, there is the graphic shape, usually a rectangle, drawn in the crease that serves as eye shadow in electric blue, bright green or orange eyeliner.
floating eyeliner
Mascara is soft and wispy or thick and clumpy. Black.

Brows are well groomed and less filled in than we've seen recently. They are brushed up and feathery looking for fall. Mascara like brow tints with fibers in natural shades of brown and auburn help add fullness without creating a heavily filled in look. There is also a drawn on wavy eyebrow thing going on and the drawn on braided eyebrow thing. A bit too cartoon like if you ask me. Internet trends, not fashion trends from the runways.
wavy eyebrow

blush colors for fall 2017
Cheeks are rosy in shades of pale pink, soft pink, rose, dusty rose. Highlight the cheekbones with a shimmering luminizer. Go super light, if at all, on the contouring.

Go for bold statement lips or soft pink nude lips! Lips for fall are metallic, satin, cream or matte in shades of nude, baby pink, bright pink, warm pink, dusty rose, bold rose, red, burgundy, berry, purple, plum and blackened plum. Lip liner matches the lipstick color. 
lipstick colors for fall 2017


Hot nail polish colors are nude, pinks, dusty rose, burgundy, mauve, plum, purple, blue, teal, gray, deep muted greens and blues. 
nail polish colors for fall 2017

I think it's an absolutely fabulous fall palette with a nice wide selection of color choices. Farewell summer. Until we meet again next year.

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Have a Beautiful Day!💮

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