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Lipstick: Is lipstick safe? Is lipstick edible? Choose a Safer Lipstick!

We love our lipsticks with all their fabulous colors and finishes. But, what's in lipstick? Is it actually safe to eat because, let's face it, we eat off our lipstick everyday. Then, we reapply it and eventually, eat it off again! 

beautycounter color intense lipstick 9 to 5
have read that a women can eat up to 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. That's a frightening thought!!! I think we all need to wipe our lipstick off before we eat! 

I have always been concerned about cosmetic ingredients and refuse to use a product that has been tested on animals. I am a label reader in the grocery stores and in the beauty stores. I try to use healthier cosmetics, but I have to admit, I get caught up in the latest trends and sometimes lose my focus on the ingredients.

I have decided that I need to use high quality clean beauty products that are guaranteed to have safer ingredients and are not tested on animals, of course.  I have a brand to recommend for you after we talk about what shouldn't be in your lipstick.

Let's have a look at some of the not so healthy chemicals that are found in many lipsticks

Parabens:  Buytl, Ethyl, Methyl, Isobutyl, Propyl
The parabens are a class a of synthetic antioxidant compounds used as preservatives used in human foods, animal foods, cosmetics and medicines. Parabens are known to cause allergic reactions and disrupt hormone function mimicing estrogen. Methylparaben may interact with UVB  when applied to the skin resulting in skin damage and skin cancer. Parabens become an environmental contaminant when they are washed off the body and enter waste water. Many, but not all, cosmetic companies are now removing parabens from their products. The European Union banned parabens in 2012. Oddly enough, I have recently read methylparaben on the ingredient list of popular brand of sunscreen.

Butylated hydroxyanisole is the cousin of BHT.  It is a synthetic antioxidant compound produced in labs used as a preservative in human foods, animal foods, cosmetics and medicines and is a possible carcinogen. It is listed as a carcinogen in California and is a hormone disruptor. "They" say the low concentration used in cosmetics and is not harmful. (not to be confused with BHA standing for beta hydroxy acid)

Butylated Hydroxytoluene is the cousin of BHA. It also is a synthetic antioxidant compound produced in labs used as a preservative in human foods, animal foods, cosmetics and medicines. It is also known as dibutylatedhydroxytoluene. It can be absorbed by the skin. It has been shown to have tumor promoting effects, have toxic effects on the lungs and kidneys plus, disrupt hormones. "They" say the low concentration used in cosmetics and food is not harmful. 

Tertiary Butylhydroquinone, aka Tert Butylhydroquinone is another synthetic antioxidant compound similar to BHA and BHT.  TBHQ actually forms when the body metabolizes BHA according to Healthline. It is mainly used as a food preservative but can be used in cosmetics as well."They" say the low concentration used in cosmetics and food is not harmful.  

Some people, especially children, have adverse reactions to BHT, BHA and TBHQ including increased ADHD symptoms, asthma, dermatitis, eye problems, headaches, joint pain, stomach problems and weight gain.

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"They" say the amount of these preservatives used in a cosmetic product are so small that they are safe. "They" also say the amounts used in foods are so small that they are safe. So between the all bath, body care, facial skincare and makeup products you apply to yourself plus the food you eat, there can be a lot of paraben, BHT, BHA and TBHQ  in your life. 

Have a look at the cereal you eat for breakfast. Read the label. BHT could be in there.

food label cereal

How about some cheese and crackers for lunch? Better check the label on those crackers!

food label crackers

Popcorn is a healthy snack, right? TBHQ may be in there!
food label popcorn

Who doesn't love a Pop Tart? My kids would get mad when I wouldn't buy them. They were only allowed to have the natural brand versions with healthier ingredients. They got to eat the real thing at other peoples houses! Sorry, this label is in Spanish but you can still see the TBHQ  listed.

food label poptarts

Rice Krispies Treats are yummy but don't buy them prepared in the box. Make them yourself to avoid dangerous preservatives.

food label rice krispies treats

Those are just a few examples. Those safe small amounts of preservatives in your cosmetics and your food sure add up as you go through the day, don't they? You must read ingredient labels to avoid harmful preservatives. 

Now, preservatives are necessary in cosmetics and prepared food to keep them fresh for an extended period of time, There are safer antioxidants that can be used including tocopherols, Vitamin C and certain essential oils.

Okay, now that we talked about preservatives in your lipstick and elsewhere, let's talk about other unsafe ingredients that could be lurking in your lipstick!

Lead and other Heavy Metals
I've heard this and did a post on lead in lipstick a few years back. It's true. Lead can be in lipstick particularly in dark shades that have red in them. Browns, reds, burgundys, maroons, wines and plums. 

Lead is not added in on purpose. Lead and other heavy metals are contaminants in the pigments used in cosmetics. Iron oxides is a natural pigment commonly used in lipstick. It is mined from the earth and can have naturally occurring lead mix in it. The amounts are small in lipsticks but still, it is lead in lipstick. 

Many companies do their best to use purified pigments to reduce the lead content to a trace amount. They routinely test their products to check the lead levels.

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Many of you are familiar with saccharin. Sodium saccharin is an artificial sweetener used to sweeten foods, beverages and medicines. It can also be found in lipstick. Some people can be allergic to saccharin resulting in headaches, breathing problems, gastrointestinal problems and skin issues. It also may disrupt the balance of bacteria in the gut.

So what's a gal to do? Ditch the lipstick? No Way! Luckily, we have choices. There are many lipstick brands using safer ingredients that are high performing and luxurious. Buy your cosmetics from these companies and you will be not have to be paranoid about what's in your products.

Beautycounter is a brand I have recently become familiar with. I have tried a few of their products and they are top quality! Their mission is "to get safer products into the hands of everyone". I like that mission! Let me tell you about the lipstick I tried.

beautycounter color intense lipstick 9 to 5
Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick Review

I recently tried Beautycounter's Color Intense Lipstick in the shade 9 to 5. It's a medium mauve with a luminous finish. It's a good color for my medium beige skin tone.
beautycounter color intense lipstick 9-5
It goes on smooth and creamy. It is moist and feels good on my lips. I love the peppermint oil it has in it! It smells divine and reminds me of the smell of the original Aveda lipstick when it first came out in the 1980s. It is a soft fresh scent of peppermint. I don't taste it.

I find it has very good coverage and lots of pigment as the name Color Intense implies. I find it wears well in fact, I still have some on after eating. 

The lipstick tube is a nice solid quality. This lipstick tube won't be cracking and falling apart like some cheap ones do. 

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Of course, Beautycounter is known for using safer ingredients so I don't need to worry about what's in this lipstick. Here is the ingredient label:
beautycounter lipstick ingrdients

As far as lead contamination, Beautycounter has set their allowable amount of lead limits at or below the strictest international guidance on unacceptable of trace levels of heavy metal impurities in cosmetics. They screen all of their color cosmetics for heavy metals and are doing their best to reach non-detectable heavy metal levels when possible.

Beautycounter products are manufactured in the United States and Italy.

There are eight colors available in the Color Intense Lipstick line. All of them have a flattering satin finish.

Brunch- a tawny pink
Backstage- a beige pink
9 to 5- a luminous mauve
First Date- a rosey pink
Garden Party- a bright pink
Girls' Night Out- a classic red
Little Black Dress- a neutral berry
Twilight- a bright berry

They're so pretty. They are currently selling for $34.00 each. A little expensive but you know you're getting a high quality luxury lipstick.

Always avoid harmful chemicals in foods and cosmetics whenever possible. Read product labels and buy from brands that use safer ingredients.

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Have a Beautiful Healthy Day! 

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