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Beetle Juice: Carmine

Carmine is a red pigment used in makeup.  It comes from dried female cochineal beetles! Yes, beetles!  The coloring comes from carminic acid that is extracted from the dried crushed beetle. It is safe and is also used as a food colorant. Read your labels! Carmine can also be listed as crimson lake, cohineal, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, E120, natural color and added color.   If you want a list of products that do not contain carmine, go to and search for cruelty free products and companies. Congratulations! You have landed on my very first post on the Juicy Beauty Word! My thought was to create short and sweet easy to read posts. I think they were a bit too short. I have come a long way in my blogging giving you lots more content and pics. Click here to see my current post. Thanks for reading!            Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist PS: Thanks for using my amazon 💋 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from