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Peeling Nails: should you file or not to file? Peeling Nails Treatment

Peeling nails is a problem many people deal with everyday. The edges of the nails peel away in layers leaving the nails thin, rough, and vulnerable to breakage. Nail polish doesn't stick well to the soft peeling edges of the nails. They look bad, feel rough, and polish chips off easily. The polish is especially prone to chipping on peeling nails because nail polish dries in a hard non porous sheet. The soft nails under the polish are porous and absorb water, then the nails bend, pulling away from the hard layer of polish which then chips easily. You want to file off the peeling area to make the nail look better and hope that it will stop the peeling, but should the peeling part be filed off? It's a good question.  You feel the need to file off the peely stuff to make the nail look better but when you do, the nail becomes thinner and weaker.  Should nail peeling be filed off? Only l ightly file the pieces of nail that are really rough and sticking up. Do not try to f