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Can nail polish spread fungus?

Lately, I have had clients coming and telling me that their podiatrist says nail polish can't be shared due to the possibility of it being contaminated with toe nail fungus. And, their own nail polish must be thrown away if they themselves used it while they had a nail fungus. I've been doing nails for more than 30 years. It has always been my understanding that nail polish does not provide a friendly environment for fungus to live or multiply. But, since a doctor is telling my clients to throw away polish and not share polish, I've decided to revisit my view.  I've done a bit of research looking for the facts on the topic of can fungus live in nail polish and spread fungal infection. Just the facts, ma'am! Let's start by knowing the enemy and what it needs to survive and spread. A Little Info About Fungus Fungus, yeast and mold require food, water and oxygen to survive. They also like darkness and warmth. Plants have chlorophyll and can make t

Zoya Wanderlust Nail Polish Collection Summer 2017

Have you seen the summer nail polish collection from Zoya? It's gorgeous! I wasn't sure about the greens. I'm not really a green nail polish person, but the 2 greens in this collection aren't so bad for me.   There's a mix of 8 full coverage creams and 4 shimmers, warms and cools. Some apply better than others. All are bright happy colors for summer. I know my clients are going to love them. In fact, I unpacked the box and used Winnie on Donna right away! The Zoya Wanderlust Collection Summer 2017 Let's go through them one by one. Byrdie    Byrdie is a fushcia cream. It has opaque full coverage that goes on smooth and easy. This is one of my favorites! Mandy Mandy is a shimmering berry pink. It is slightly sheer on the first coat and goes on beautifully. Winnie Winnie is a soft watermelon pink cream. It has opaque full coverage. It's one of those challenging application polishes because the consistency is on the thick