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Our Eyes Show Our Age....The Limbal Ring

I recently read a article from Allure Magazine,  What Is Your Face Telling the World? .  The article is about how quickly people judge others and form opinions about them in a matter of seconds. It shows the significance a first impression makes. Is it right that people make these quick judgments? I say no, but apparently, we all do it. Reason enough to visit The Juicy Beauty Word for your beauty tips, right? Anyway, the thing in the article that caught my eye, was the visibility of the limbal ring.  What is the limbal ring? The limbal ring is the dark circle around the colored part (the iris) of the eye. It separates the colored part of the eye from the white part (the sclera) of the eye.  It is said that we unconsciously notice this quickly when we look at someone.  The limbal ring becomes less prominent as we age or when we are in ill health. A thick, dark ring represents not only youth, but health and beauty as well. It makes the whites of the eyes look whiter and brighter and in

Ways to use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I just love Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! 💗  It is a product I have used for years to keep any brand of eye shadow from creasing and fading. It is one of my all time favorite products and I highly recommend it! Primer Potion comes in a variety of formulas. Original - Dries invisibly. Eden- Matte nude, good for hiding redness. Sin- A Pale nude shimmer. Minor Sin - Sheer champagne shimmer. Anti Aging - It has blurring pigments and anti aging ingredients. Dries with a sheer layer of pigment. Caffeine- Matte   light medium brown Shop for Urban Decay Primer Potion on Amazon I usually use both the original version, for it's invisible drying versatility, and Eden, for it's pigment and redness hiding properties. I like Sin or Minor Sin sometimes for a little shimmer. I have actually worn Sin and Minor Sin by themselves as cream eye shadow. Not only is it a great eye shadow primer, I use it as a concealer primer on tough to cover areas.....dark circles and pimples

How choose the right bronzer

  I have seen it. I know you have seen it too. That exaggerated brown streak of bronzer on someone's cheek. It is so unnatural looking and almost dirty looking.  There are a few things you can do to get a nice natural glow with bronzer. I am going to show you some Physician's Formula Bronzers because they have a large selection of bronzers in a variety of shades, they are available at many stores, they are nice quality at an affordable price and are cruelty free. Bronzers come on many shades, tones and finishes. Some are a solid color. Some are mosaic with various colors. Some are metallic to create a luminous glow. It can be overwhelming to choose the right color. Here are some tips to help you pick the right bronzer for you: Mosaic vs Solid Color A mosaic bronzer contains a variety of colors in one compact. Our skin actually contains a variety of colors as well, such as red areas, yellow areas and brown areas. The mosaic style bronzer is designed t

Pink Armpit Hair Removal!

First it was Lady Gaga with blue armpit hair. Now we have Miley Cyrus with pink armpit hair. I don't know about you, but I remove armpit hair no matter what color it is! 😆 Waxing in my favorite choice for hair removal. It is quite annoying to let the hair grow to be waxed, but it is well worth it. I can get your underarms super smooth!  See me at Styling Point in Media, Pa.! There is no dark shadow left behind like there is with shaving. There is no stubble. The skin is left super smooth. The more you wax, the finer the hair gets. I have a client I have been consistently waxing for many years. She has very little underarm hair now. The underarm area is an awkward diy project. Visit a salon for a quick underarm wax. It should take 10 to 20 minutes depending on the amount and stubbornness of the hair. Underarm Waxing Tips Hair should be no longer than 1/2" so give it a trim if it is long. Your waxer can trim it for you if the idea of sharp scisso

Spring Bridal Makeup at Normandy Farm

Photo by Danielle Coons Saturday, May 2, was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding at Normandy Farm in Blue Bell, Pa! The color theme was purple. The makeup style w as a dramatic smokey eye with an understated lip. The bride chose a plumy smokey eye and a nude pink lip.  Fiber lash extensions made everyone's lashes long and gorgeous! The bridesmaid's smokey shadow choices were pink and gray or gray green or purple. I did all three shadow combinations and did mostly a pink nude lip. I used a peachy lip on the bridesmaid who chose the gray green smokey eye which complemented her red hair nicely. Blush was soft rosy pink with a touch of luminizer. Bronzer was kept to a minimum on their beautiful light skin.  The bride wore her hair down and softly curled with the front pulled back in a poof. The bridesmaids wore side swept ponytails that were softly curled. They all looked fabulous! Here are a few photos: Photo by