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Ways to use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I just love Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion! 💗 It is a product I have used for years to keep any brand of eye shadow from creasing and fading. It comes in a variety of formulas.

Original- Dries invisibly.
Eden- Matte nude, good for hiding redness.
Minor Sin- Sheer champagne shimmer.
Anti Aging- It has blurring pigments and anti aging ingredients. Dries with a sheer layer of pigment.
Enigma- Limited edition. A matte shade. 100% of the purchase price funds The Ultraviolet Edge, Urban Decay's global initiative to empower women.

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I usually use both the original version, for it's invisible drying versatility, and Eden, for it's redness hiding. I like Minor Sin as well.
urban decay eye shadow primer
Not only is it a great eye shadow primer, I use it as a concealer primer on tough to cover areas.....dark circles and pimples.

Some people have such dark circles under their eyes, it takes a lot of concealer to hide them. A lot of concealer creates the possibility of caking and creasing. I find a light layer Primer Potion lessens the creasing.
concealer application
A pimple is always a problem to cover. Makeup seems to slide off revealing the redness. A little bit of Primer Potion applied to the pimple helps the concealer stay in place. Eden is a great choice for this job.
primer application with brush
This is the original Primer Potion packaging in a squeeze tube. Urban Decay has changed the packaging. Primer Potion now has an applicator wand attached to the lid. 
urban decay primer potion applicator
You can still find the squeeze tube on Amazon. I actually prefer the squeeze tube. It's easier and more sanitary when doing makeup on my clients. The applicator is just fine for your own personal use.
Application Tips:

Apply a thin layer.

Use your finger or the applicator to apply the primer to your upper eyelid area.

Use a concealer brush to apply a thin layer of primer to the dark circle area.

Use a concealer brush to dab the primer potion in a blemish.

Allow primer to dry briefly.

Apply shadow or concealer right over that fresh layer of primer.
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