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White Bumps Under Eyes: Milia

Have you noticed that you have little white looking bumps under your eyes? Some people call it chicken skin because the bumps look like plucked chicken skin. 🐔 Most likely those little white bumps are milia. They can feel hard or pearly. These bumps are not acne. Milia can occur when dead skin cells become trapped beneath the outer layer of skin. Keratin becomes trapped and builds up. A small benign cyst can form which is the milia. It's a cyst!?! Don't let that word scare you. They are harmless, but unwanted bumps.  They can occur on any area of the skin that tends to be on the dry side. They cannot be squeezed out like a blackhead or pimple because they have no opening. A layer of skin covers them. A hole must be created in them using a needle, then they can be extracted out. Read more about blackhead, whiteheads and blind pimples This is a common problem for the under-eye area. It is a dry, delicate area of the skin. I see it a lot on my clients. Heavy products

Halloween Store Makeup

The Halloween stores are open!!!  That means it's time for me to stock up on those fun unusual items that you only find in stores this time of year.  Theatrical makeup supplies, creamy glitter eye shadows and funky lashes, lots of fun, crazy lashes!  The Halloween stores are well stocked with all of that stuff. I saw some great bright colored  clip in  hair extensions as well. They are not high quality but are certainly a nifty little item to wear for a little fun. I also stock up on funky pantyhose, fishnets and thigh highs.   I have been in my local Spirit Halloween Store several times already!  There is so much fun stuff I know I will be back several more times. These stores are only here until early November. You may find yourself stocking up too!  Amazon is another resource I use to theatrical makeup and other costume supplies. The good news with Amazon has so many items are always available unlike the seasonal Halloween shops. Here are some fun affi

Urban Decay Lip Pencils: Benefits of Lip Liner

I stopped in at Ulta the other day to pick up some Naked Skin Foundation from Urban Decay, which I just love by the way.  I had to have a look at their lipsticks while I was there. I never really noticed the vast array of lip pencil colors Urban Decay has. They have 35 lip pencil colors, including Ozone which goes on clear, which coordinate nicely with their lipsticks.  Each lipstick has a recommended coordinating lip liner with it to take the guess work out of choosing the right color lip liner. The 24/7 lip liners are long lasting and waterproof.  So why should you use a lip liner with your lipstick? The Benefits of Lip Liner Definition The thin tip of the lip liner pencil makes a nice sharp line around your lips to define them. You can draw the line slightly outside the lip line to make your lips look fuller. Keeps lipstick in place Lip liner is a heavier waxier formula than a lipstick. The line it makes around the lips helps to keep your lipstick from feathering outside o

Do facial exercises really work?

Can facial exercises actually help you look younger? Good questions. Facial muscles are attached to the skin and lose tone and elasticity with age as does the skin. We know exercise keeps our bodies looking strong and younger and it also improves circulation to keep our bodies in tip top working order. Generally, t here are two schools of thought on facial exercises and how they effect the look of the skin.    School of thought #1 Some experts believe you can keep the facial muscles toned by doing facial exercises making the face look younger. They say facial exercises also stimulate collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are proteins in the connective tissue that supports the skin and keeps it plump, elastic and less wrinkled.   School of thought #2 Others believe that the expression lines (such as forehead wrinkles and crow's feet) facial exercises create make facial wrinkles worse. The muscles maybe more toned but the skin is left more wrinkled

Types of Eyeliner & Eyeliner Application Tips

Eyeliner comes in a variety of forms each providing it's own unique look. Some are easier to work with than others. Let me go over the various type of eyeliner and give you some pointers on how to apply them. Types of Eyeliner & How to Use Them Pencil Liner: Let's start with pencil liner.  It is easy to work with and comes in a pencil form that can be sharpened or in an automatic pencil form that twists up as needed. I like the old fashioned pencil the can be sharpened to a nice point.  Use that nice sharp pencil and apply the line in your lashes and just above. Smudge the line with a liner brush or pointed Q-tip for a natural look.  Use it on the top and bottom lash lines.  A kohl pencil is softer and smudges easier that a classic pencil. Here is an interesting tidbit about eye and lip liner pencils. Pencil liners that are made in Germany are known to be high quality products. There are two factories in Germany that manufacturer liner pencils for drugstore and