Wednesday, September 30, 2015

White Bumps Under Eyes: Milia

Have you noticed that you have little white looking bumps under your eyes?
white bumps under eye
Most likely those little white bumps are milia. They can feel hard or pearly. These bumps are not acne. Milia can occur when dead skin cells become trapped beneath the outer layer of skin. A small benign cyst can form which is the milia. It's a cyst? Don't let that word scare you. They are harmless, but unwanted bumps. 

They can occur on any area of the skin that tends to be on the dry side. They cannot be squeezed out like a blackhead or pimple because they have no opening. A layer of skin covers them. A hole must be created in them using a needle, then they can be extracted out. 

This is a common problem for the under eye area. It is a dry, delicate area of the skin. I see it a lot on my clients. Heavy products used around the eyes usually cause the problem. It can be a moisturizer that contains a lot of oils and waxes or it can also be that much needed concealer we use to hide our dark circles. I don't recommend a needle and extraction around the eyes. The skin is too fine and delicate. Other areas of the face may be able to handle the needle and extraction but not under the eyes.

There are a few things you can do to help get rid of the under eye bumps.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to help free the milia. You must be careful with the eye area. Pulling and scrubbing will accentuate wrinkles and cause irritation. The best way to exfoliate under the eyes is to lightly and gently massage the area with a clean wet wash cloth. Lightly and gently! Then apply an eye cream containing retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. Retinol and alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Good exfoliating eye creams are hard to find. Murad Intensive Winkle Reducer for Eyes contains a good bit of glycolic acid to gentle exfoliate the eye area. 

Use an Eye Cream
It is true that you can use a facial moisturizer anywhere on your face including the eye area, but if you are having under eye milia issues, a cream made specifically for the eye area is better for you. An eye cream is formulated for the eye area and tends to be lighter in oil and waxes than a facial moisturizer. Lilyana Naturals Eye Cream is a nice natural eye cream to gently hydrate the under eye area.

Massage increases the circulation. Increased circulation can help remove the milia from the inside. It may sound crazy but it works for many of my clients. Apply a moisturizer on just washed damp skin. Lightly massage the under eye area making little circles with your fingertips for a couple of minutes.

Change your Makeup
Your concealer may be too heavy. I try many different concealers to try to hide my dark circles. I find the some cause milia on me and some do not. Switch concealer brands. You can also switch from a cream concealer to a liquid concealer. Apply your foundation first. It is a lighter product than concealer and may be enough to hide your circles. If the foundation is not enough, apply concealer on top where you need it the most. You will be using less concealer when applying it over a foundation rather than under it. BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is a nice light concealer that gives decent coverage. Cover Fx Cream Concealer is a great concealer to try. A little goes a long way.

Be gentle and consistent and those under eye bumps should gradually disappear.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Store Makeup

The Halloween stores are open. That means it's time for me to stock up on those fun unusual items that you only find in stores this time of year. Theatrical makeup supplies, creamy glitter eye shadows and funky lashes, lots of fun, crazy lashes! 
eye lash display
The Halloween stores are well stocked with all of that stuff. I saw some great bright colored clip in hair extensions as well. They are not high quality but are certainly a nifty little item to wear for a little fun.

pantyhose display
pantyhose display

I also stock up on funky pantyhose, fishnets and thigh highs. 

I have been in my local Spirit Halloween Store several times already! There is so much fun stuff I know I will be back several more times. Go check it out. These stores are only here until early November. You may find yourself stocking up too! 
Click here to find a Spirit Halloween Store.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Urban Decay Lip Pencils

I stopped in at Ulta the other day to pick up some Naked Skin Foundation from Urban Decay, which I just love by the way. I had to have a look at their lipsticks while I was there. I never really noticed the vast array of lip pencil colors Urban Decay has. There are 22 lip pencil colors which coordinate nicely with their lipsticks. Look at the display.
Urban Decay lipstick display
Each lipstick has a recommended coordinating lip liner with it to take the guess work out of choosing the right color lip liner. The 24/7 lip liners are long lasting and waterproof. There is even a clear lip liner.

So why should you use a lip liner with your lipstick?

The thin tip of the lip liner pencil makes a nice sharp line around your lips to define them. You can draw the line slightly outside the lip line to make your lips look fuller.

Keeps lipstick in place
Lip liner is a heavier waxier formula than a lipstick. The line it makes around the lips helps to keep your lipstick from feathering outside of your lip line.

Longer lipstick wear
Lip liner applied to the entire lip area not only defines the lips, it intensifies the lipstick color and helps your lipstick last longer.

Fine line fill in
The clear lip liner, Ozone, which I mentioned earlier, is great for helping to fill in small lines around the lips. Use the clear. Then colored lip liner. Followed by lipstick.

Find Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on lip pencils at Sephora, Ulta and Urban Decay online for $20.00.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Nail Polish Colors for Fall 2015

It is almost officially Autumn so it's time to switch up our nail polish colors for the new season. Nail polish colors for fall reflect the bohemian/hippie fashion trend. The colors are rich, deep, metallic and warm. There are rich blues, purples, golds, reds, wines, browns and a little green and gray is still hanging on. OPI seems to be one of the few brands with a lot pale colors in their collection. Let me show my favorites.
Zoya Focus and Flair Swatches

 Zoya Focus and Flair


Currio Royale Swatches
Cuccio Royale

Jessica La Vie Boheme Swatches

Jessica La Vie Boheme

orly polish

Orly In the Mix

Foot with Orly Indie polish
My favorite is Indie!

OPI Venice Collection

OPI Venice Collection
OPI Venice

OPI Venice the Party on nails
Love Venice the Party!

china glaze polish
China Glaze The Great Outdoors

Enjoy the beautiful colors of Autumn on your nails and in all the nature around us.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Do facial exercises really work?

facial exercises
Can facial exercises actually help you look younger? Good questions.

Facial muscles are attached to the skin and lose tone and elasticity with age as does the skin. We know exercise keeps our bodies looking strong and younger and it also improves circulation to keep our bodies in tip top working order. Generally, there are two schools of thought on facial exercises and how they effect the look of the skin.
School of thought #1
Some experts believe you can keep the facial muscles toned by doing facial exercises making the face look younger. They say facial exercises also stimulate collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are proteins in the connective tissue that supports the skin and keeps it plump, elastic and less wrinkled.  

School of thought #2
Others believe that the expression lines (such as forehead wrinkles and crow's feet) facial exercises create make facial wrinkles worse. The muscles maybe more toned but the skin is left more wrinkled defeating the purpose of the facial exercises in the first place. This makes sense because Botox injections paralyze the muscles and the skin becomes smoother do to the lack of movement.  Even if the muscles are toned, the skin will lose it's elasticity with age and sag.

I feel it won't hurt to try some facial exercises as long as they are not extreme. By extreme, I mean facial exercises that contort the face in such a way that creates many lines in the skin. There are some good facial exercises you can do that are subtle and don't scrunch up your face or over stretch the skin. Always make sure your skin is lubed up with a nice layer of moisturizer before you exercise it.

The website gives you a nice overview of the facial muscles and facial exercises. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click continue to the facial map.

There are also yoga exercises for your face. Who knew! 

You can find many facial exercise videos on YouTube. There are books too. Amazon has lots of interesting facial exercise books you can browse through.  Click here to view facial exercise books on Amazon.

Our quest to look younger never ends.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Make Up Lesson: Types of Eyeliner

eye liner
Eyeliner comes in a variety of forms each providing it's own unique look. Some are easier to work with than others.

Pencil Liner:
pencil eye liner
Let's start with pencil liner. It is easy to work with and comes in a pencil form that can be sharpened or in an automatic pencil form that twists up as needed. I like the old fashioned pencil the can be sharpened to a nice point. Use that nice sharp pencil and apply the line in your lashes and just above. Smudge the line with a liner brush or pointed Q-tip for a natural look.  Use it on the top and bottom lash lines. A kohl pencil is softer and smudges easier that a classic pencil.

Here is an interesting tidbit about eye and lip liner pencils. Pencil liners that are made in Germany are known to be high quality products. There are two factories in Germany that manufacturer liner pencils for drugstore and luxury brands using similar waxes and pigments to make them. Take a look at the pencil's packaging or on the pencil itself for where it was made. Prestige pencils are one of my favorites. Prestige pencils are made in Germany. You do need to read the packaging because a cosmetic company may use different factories in different countries to make their products.  For instance, I noticed L'Oreal's pencils were made in Brazil, Germany or USA.  Interesting, isn't it? 

Felt Tip Liner:

felt tip eye liner
There is a liner that looks like a pencil but goes on like a liquid. The tip is like a magic marker tip and provides a smooth liquid like line. The color does not look as intense as liquid liner but it is defiantly easier to apply than liquid liner. The color is buildable allowing you to apply a light line then go over it to make it thicker. This liner looks best on the top lash line. Use a pencil or eye shadow for the bottom lash line.

Liquid Liner:

liquid eye liner
Liquid liner comes in a tube with a liner brush. It gives you that classic dark dramatic eyeliner look and is great for the 60's winged eye look we are seeing so much this season. Apply it to your top lash line. Use a pencil or eye shadow on the bottom lash line for a more natural look. Liquid is a bit tricky to work with. When applying liquid liner to your top lash line, try making little connected dashes with the brush instead of one continuous line. It is easier. The color can be built up. Go over your line again to make it thicker and more intense.

Gel Liner:

gel eye liner
Gel liner is a bit easier work with than liquid liner but I find it takes a bit of work to get even coverage with the gel. It comes in a small jar and is thick and creamy. Use a stiff liner brush to apply it to top and also bottom lashes. Dip it into the product then wipe your brush on the rim of the jar to remove excess. You can get the classic liquid line look or you can create a smudgy line.  It is difficult to build up color with this type of liner. It seems to clump up.

Cake Liner:

cake eye liner
Then there is old fashioned cake liner.  Cake liner comes in a powder form and is applied with a wet eye liner brush. This gives you the classic heavy top line like liquid liner but is a bit softer looking. It can also be used dry with a liner brush like an eye shadow. Use it wet on top. Dry on the bottom. It is difficult to build up color with the wet liner brush.

Eye Shadow:

smoky gray eye shadow
Eye shadow is the easiest eyeliner. Use an eyeliner brush to apply any shade of eye shadow to your top and bottom lash lines. Many eye shadows can be used wet to create a more intense line. Eye shadow also works great over pencil liner to set the pencil and create soft smoky smudgy lines. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

10 Tips to Make your Hair Color Last Longer

You spend so much time and money at the salon to get the perfect hair color only to have it fade too quickly. There are some hair care things you can do at home to help your color stay vibrant longer. 

10 tips to keep your color looking great for longer

1. Proper Prep
Remove styling product residue with a clarifying shampoo the day before you have your color applied at the salon.

2. Don't rush the 1st shampoo
Avoid shampooing your hair for 48 hours after your color was applied.

3. Use the right shampoo
Use a color safe shampoo. A color safe shampoo is designed to help reduce color loss during hair washing.
Aveda Color Conserve Products

4. Wash your hair less often

5. Condition 
Use conditioner regularly to keep your hair moist making your color look more vibrant. Apply Moroccan Argan oil to your hair for healthy color enhancing shine. Many conditioners contain sun screen to help keep the sun from fading your color. 

6. No Alcohol
Avoid styling products that contain a high amount of alcohol which may remove color.

7. Thermal Protection
Color looks duller when the hair is dried out. Use thermal protecting products to prevent drying out your hair when using blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons.

8. Color Condition
Use a color enhancing conditioner between salon visits to keep your color vibrant. These are hair conditioning products the contain a bit of hair color in them. Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive is an example of a color enhancing conditioner. 

See Jill's Color Revive Review

Another option: Aveda makes color enhancing and refreshing shampoos and conditioners. I love Aveda products. Black Malva is for brown or black hair, Blue Malva is for Gray or blonde hair, Chamomile is for blonde highlights, Clove is for brown hair, and Madder Root is for red or auburn hair.
Aveda Shampoos and Conditioners to Enhance Hair Color

9. Use hair sunscreen
UV protective products will help reduce fading from the sun. There are some great spray on and leave in conditions you can use. Here are a few suggestions.

Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray
Aveda Sun Care Protective Veil

Beach Bum 3 in 1 Leave in Spray

10. Wear a Hat
The sun causes oxidation in the hair which will fade colored hair. It will also lighten natural hair as we all know. Wear a hat when out in the sun to help save you color.

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